Since 2003, MathEdge has helped many students find joy in learning. Over the years, we have heard from students and parents about how MathEdge has impacted their lives. Here are a few testimonials that we would like to share.

(The following testimonials have been edited for clarity and grammar.)

Testimonials from Happy and Grateful Parents

I really appreciate the great positive impact you have had on Shaya over years and now you are providing for Ava. Shaya still have great memories from MarthEdge. Ava seems to enjoy her days at MathEdge too.

— from a parent

I sent my son [Jerry] to your center this summer. The math camp was great. Jerry learned a lot. The quality and quantity are both so wonderful. Thank you. You are wonderful!

— from a parent

Thanks [Ewa and Elisha] for teaching my son new math concepts and logic. He enjoyed the class and especially the math games.

 — from the parent of a 4th grader at Franklin Elementary School in Burlingame

Brian was doing some [of the] math workbook to get ready for his John Hopkins Talent Search Test. He was doing [the problems] so fast and pretty accurately too. I just realized how much he had learned [in] the past year. Thanks, both of you, for being wonderful teachers for Brian!

— from a parent

Both Julie and I want to pass along to you how much we appreciate your program. [Our son Tommy] would […] be in a great mood all the way home [after class]. He absolutely loves your program […]. Your program has also rubbed off on our youngest, Jimmy. He sees how much his older brother, whom he adores, loves math problems.  He already can add and subtract simple numbers, and kindergarten does not start until the fall. We know Jimmy will be one of your students in the years to come. Thanks, Ewa.

— from a parent

Testimonials about Student Improvement, Performance in Contests and on Tests

We would like to thank you for training Alexander in math-solving skills this year. We definitely saw a big improvement and are very pleased with it. The PWMC training and competition with his team members and other teams in HK were precious and fun. We are glad that we encouraged Alexander to participate in this activity. Alex got 25 on his AMC-8 test, and he is the only one who got this perfect score at Miller. He is very happy with this achievement and wanted to share it with you. Without your help, he could not make such progress in such a short period. Thank you for all your encouragement and great teaching.

— from a parent

Hugh did well for his GATE test. He is qualified to get into the GATE program. Both his Math and Logic Problem Solving are 100% and scored at national 99% rank. I do believe your Math Problem-Solving teaching plays a very important role. Thank you very much.

— from a parent

Thank you for helping my daughter Vasudha in the Math program. Because of you, she [has gained enough] confidence that she did three sums right by herself.

— from a parent


Testimonials about Student Enjoyment of Classes

[My son] Justin likes the school very much. If his schedule changes after the summer, he will consider taking some classes from MathEdge. Thank you!

— from a parent

The classes have been very interesting, and my son has enjoyed it.

— from the parent of a Redwood Middle School student

My son took a two-month training [class] from MathEdge [in 2008] and learned a lot and had fun.

— from a parent

Testimonials about PMWC Math Contest in Hong Kong

Thank you so much for everything you did for the team. It is really a wonderful experience, not only for my son but also for the whole family. This event (PMWC) combined academic, social, and entertaining activities together. It made everybody happy. What a memory! Thank you, coach.

— from the parent of a Miller student in San Jose

Thank you again, Ewa, for this opportunity for my son to participate with your team in this contest.  It was a wonderful experience for him in so many ways. Even though math was the topic of this meeting, I think he learned so much more about the world outside of the U.S. and about international diplomacy!

— from a parent in Los Altos

We greatly appreciate all your efforts in organizing this [math contest] and leading the kids. We all had a good time and a great experience. Thanks.

— from the parents of a student at Chaboya Middle School in San Jose

I’m very glad that Alvin made the trip [to Hong Kong to be in the PMWC math contest] and hoped it’d be a good experience for him. Actually, Alvin told me that he learned a lot from [his] MathEdge class for his school math, and [that] he wouldn’t be able to make [it into] the 8th grade math class at John Hopkins Junior High School next year without MathEdge’s training. Thank you very much for convincing me to sign up for MathEdge.

— from a parent

Thanks for the excellent coaching, and taking good care of the kids.

— from a parent

Thanks [to Ewa] for leading the group and giving my son the opportunity to join the competition. He had a great experience.

— from a parent

I think this wonderful experience will stay with the kids for a long time, and I also hope it will encourage them to enjoy math more.

— from a parent

I really enjoyed my summer in Hong Kong and the contest was a great experience. With school and after-school activities, I can hardly get any time to come and learn at MathEdge. I have learned a lot from [Ewa] as well as the contest.

— from a former MathEdge student 

Other Testimonials

Suvarna G. – Parent from Thornton and Ardenwood School
I have been sending my 2 kids to Mathedge for over 2 years now.  Both of them were always good in math but now have excelled in Math in both school and outside competitions.  They both look forward to their once-a-week Math day and that makes it easy on us. The level of math taught here is above school level. There is a competitive environment although I have to say that my kids have never complained.  They have made friends with other kids who are of similar mentality and that has helped them excel.

Yong Z. – Parent from Stratford
What do you like about MathEdge teachers?
They are very nice. When you ask questions, they are always patient and they always tell the truth about your child’s progress. They didn’t hide, that’s the part I really like.

Bing Y. – Parent from Faria
What was school like for your child before MathEdge? What is like now?
The schoolwork is easier. It’s a piece of cake now!

Lianping X. – Parent from Mission San Jose Elementary
Do you feel that MathEdge has increased your child’s enthusiasm in learning?
Yes, definitely. He wants to continue MathEdge classes for next school year. This is the first time he wants to do extra. I am very happy to see that he care much more about his test scores and performance in school.

Yuna H. – Parent from Eisenhower
Does your child get excited about coming to MathEdge?
Yeah, they really like it. They build friendships here, especially my son; he has lots of friends here. Michelle also has friends here. She is is trying to persuade her friend’s mom to let her join MathEdge.
Chad C. – Parent from LACS
Do you feel that MathEdge has helped your child’s school grades and/or test scores? What is the difference in grades and/or test scores pre- and post-MathEdge?
MathEdge makes her homework easier. Things she learns here are much broader than what she learns in school. Her school doesn’t teach as much about logical thinking.
Junjie W. – Parent from Dilworth
Learning the advanced math techniques … gives him confidence. When dealing with problems at school, he has a big baggage of confidence.

Ambika S. – Parent from Gomes Elementary
MathEdge’s standards are definitely higher than what a child learns in school. Children don’t feel bored because MathEdge’s concepts are something that they don’t already know. I also want to share my view about sending my kids to MathEdge. I am not sending them because “I want them to go.” I am sending them because “they want to go.” Need I say more?? THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK!

Sarah C. – Parent from Harker School
MathEdge has helped Michael with problem solving very much!

Noriko O. – Parent from Fairmeadow Elementary
Teachers at local school sometimes give students wrong answers and wrong lectures because their major is not math. It’s very stressful for me because I need to see teachers after school or write a letter to correct their mistakes. On the contrary, I trust MathEdge teachers because they have a high knowledge about math, and they are serious about teaching. Moreover, they are friendly.

Yong L. – Parent from Harker School
Rich likes math. But much more now!

Frank K. – Parent from Gomes Elementary
What do you like about MathEdge teachers?
Enthusiastic and energetic, care about the successful understanding of the topic by the student.