STEM Enriched AfterSchool Programs (GK-6)

School year round (Sept-Jun, M-F, 2:30-7pm)


Why Join MathEdge Enriched Afterschool Programs?

These comprehensive programs are built to be flexible which allows you to choose from a variety of subjects (any number of hour(s) in a day or any number of days in a week as needed) to design your very own afterschool program. It grants students the opportunity to thrive and succeed while still accommodating an active schedule.

This STEM Enriched Afterschool Program is the best way to get your students to look beyond the school curriculum and focus on the competitive and innovative aspects of our world. It will prepare your students well to be competitive and successful in the 21st century by gaining problem solving skills and state of the art STEM knowledge.

Each student can pace himself/herself under expert guidance and is encouraged to advance to his/her full potential. Techniques learnt from MathEdge guarantee a measurable difference not just in academic progress but also improve confidence, motivation, and concentration levels that will help build a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

[Cupertino Site]  Program Schedule

Mon-FriMon & WedTue & ThuSpecial Program
Mon or Fri
2:30-4pmHW Club + snackHW Club + snackHW Club + snack
4-5:30pmMathCoreEnglishCoreMathEdge+ / Writing + / Code+
5:30-7pmArt / PuzzlesArt / PuzzlesArt / Puzzles

Fees & Discounts:

· Choice of signing up 1 day to 5 days per week (Sign up the number of days as needed)

. Offers one month free after 11-month signup.

· Offers ½ month free after 5.5 month signup

· Offers 5% / 10% discount for Sibling or 2nd & 3rd subjects

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MathEdge doesn’t offer school pickup services but we would help with providing the potential carpooling info.

3rd party Kid transportation services:


Kids Cab



Jumpstart Your Preparation for the Ivy League!

MathEdge’ STEM Enriched Afterschool Program introduces the world of science, computer programming, and mathematics to the GK-8 students. This program is specifically designed for advanced students who want to gain a deeper conceptual knowledge of various fields while getting ahead of the school’s curriculum. This program offers many subjects such as School or Speed Math, English Core (ELA), Public Speaking (Speech+), Science, and Java Programming. These year round courses allow Elementary or Junior High students to get exposed to the specific subjects so to get ahead in high school.

MathEdge provides a proven strategy to prepare students for the rigor of Ivy League colleges. Our approach is based on rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking and reflects the skills students will need to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, to reason abstractly and quantitatively, to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, to attend to precision, to look for and make use of structure, and to look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.