SpeedMath: Achieve Speed and Accuracy in Math Calculation

This program teaches easy ways to perform calculations fast. The methods taught are natural and simple allowing anyone (young or old) to perform easily and fast without much hard work.

 Based on simple arithmetic and decimal fundamentals, students will learn brilliant mathematic short cuts and tricks. Student will progress in his/her own pace learning to perform mental calculation in the order of single to multi-digits of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Percent, Square number, Fractions, and/or solving simple equations in Algebra.

This is a unique guided learning program designed to help students excel in math calculation. Each student can pace herself / himself under expert guidance and teaching.

As each skill is built on top of each other, the program is divided into levels with defined expectations and goals for each level. Finishing / passing the lower level(s) is required before advancing  to the higher levels.

Content and Sample Lesson

Level K:  Content    Sample Lesson

Level 1:  Content    Sample Lesson

Level 2:  Content    Sample Lesson

Level 3:  Content    Sample Lesson

Level 4:  Content    Sample Lesson

Level 5:  Content    Sample Lesson

Level 6:  Content    Sample Lesson

Level 7:  Content    Sample Lesson

Level 8:  Content    Sample Lesson

LevelCalculation ContentObjectives
K"0-20" : +/-30 problems in 1 minute
1"0-100" : +/- , simple multiplication30 problems in 2 minutes
2"0-1000" : +/- , 10x10 time table30 problems in 3 minutes
3Multi-digits x single digits, division
42 digits x 2 digits, Square, Divison
5Fraction / Percent
6Square Root, Cube
7Simple Algebra, Cube Root
8Sequence, Geometry

Students can choose either one-hour per week or two-hours per week program by paying different fees. Appropriate amount of homework practices (5 pages which is about 5-10 mins a day for 5 days) will be given after each class to maximize and reinforce the learning..

 This program is recommended for all students who wish to master the mental calculation with speed and accuracy.  Students are required to bring a timer to class or purchase one from us.

Program fees and schedule info (Same as MathEdgeCore)