MathEdge Open House

7250 Bark Ln San Jose, CA 95129
Sep 30 (Sun)1-3 pm
Sep 25 (Tue)5-7 pm
3755 Washington Blvd, Suite 102, Fremont Ca 94538
Sep 30 (Sun)1-3 pm
Sep 25 (Tue)5-7 pm

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Come and Learn About Our Programs

MathAdvance PlacementPrep: G5-8 Middle School math advancement ( CCSS | PreAlgebra | Algebra | Geometry | Algebra2 | PreCalculus )

In the Cupertino School District, current 5th and 6th grade Diagnostic for advancement tests will be covered in Common Core. This is the only chance to progress into the “CCSS 6th / 7th / 8th Algebra + Geometry” advanced track (regularly 9th grade).  Let us help you advance.

MathEdgeCore (MathCore|EnglishCore): Get Prepared for Common Core! (GK- 8) (Yr Rd)

This is a guided program created to help students achieve day-to-day success and ace their common core tests in school.  Each student can pace themselves under expert guidance and is encouraged to advance to their full potential.  

MathEdge+: Sharpen Problem Solving Skills and Excel in Math Competitions

Writing+: Polish Your Writing Skills

AMC8/10/12/AIME Prep: Score High in American Mathematical  Contests

SpeedMath: Teaches easy ways to perform calculations fast (K-8, Yr-Round) (Cupertino Site only)

CODE+: (Java Programming, Computer Science AP, JavaScript,, HTML+CSS)  (Cupertino Site only)