2019-2020 School Year-Long Math Course

(Sept-June) (G6-12)

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Most school districts offer the challenge / advancement / placement tests (mostly in Common Core) allowing students to advance. For the current 5th and 6th graders, this is the only chance to progress into the “CCSS 6th / 7th / 8th Algebra + Geometry” advanced track (regularly 9th grade). Let us help you advance.

Whether you are taking the challenge test to skip grade, advance in the curriculum, aim for better grades, or to get a deeper understanding of the concepts, these teaching courses will give you a solid foundation needed to succeed in school. This full curriculum class is designed for all levels of learners from remedial to the advanced. There would be homework assignments, chapter tests, and exams throughout the course. (A materials fee is due on the first day of class).

Advancement Prep is designed for students who have finished the course and wish to advance by passing the Placement tests. To maximize the effectiveness, the guided program is designed so students may exercise on different concepts at their own pace. This flexibility allows students to focus on improving the areas of their own weakness.

Course readiness will be assessed before joining.

Math Course Content and Schedule at Cupertino Site

ContentGradeSchool-Year Course
(10 months) 9/7/18 - 6/6/19
MS Math Advancement Prep
Oct - May (10 weeks of 2hrs ea)
Summer Course
(June-Aug) (2 weeks)
CCSS 6|7|86+[Fri] 4:30-6:30pm
[Sun] 1-3pm
[Fri] 4:30-6:30pm
[Sun] 1-3pm
Summer 1: 6/18/18 - 6/29/18
PreAlgebra6+Summer 2: 7/9/18 - 7/20/18
Algebra7+Summer 3: 7/23/18 - 8/3/18