“Our mission is to give every student the edge to be successful in school as well as in life.”

Too often, students regurgitate answers to solve problems instead of applying problem-solving skills. At MathEdge, we value the approach much more than the answer.

MathEdge is an educational program focusing on the problem-solving skills that lead students to success in both academics and the real world. It taps into intellectual curiosity and helps foster the mathematic potential of your child.

More importantly, though, MathEdge gives students confidence and the skills to tackle any type of problem, academic or otherwise. Problem solving is what math is all about. As one discovers how to solve problems one previously thought were impossible, he/she would apply the same calm thought process to all of life’s problems!

MathEdge was created in 2001 to teach students to apply problem-solving skills to mathematics. As opposed to the computational skills normally taught in schools, the MathEdge technique focuses on the reasoning between a problem and its solution, rather than on the answer itself.

Classes are taught in a communicative environment. Students are encouraged to verbalize how they have reached the answers to problems so as to emphasize the importance of the reasoning process. Additionally, instructors are better able to pinpoint faulty reasoning and students can better understand the missteps in their logic. This teaching process is one of the main components of MathEdge that differentiates it from other learning centers where self-guided worksheets prevail. We encourage class discussion and interaction.We provide fun learning environment. It’s ok to make mistakes provided with the logical reasons behind it. We just try not to make the same mistake twice!

We emphasize the entire problem solving process. We train for the reading comprehension of problem understanding. We teach the fundamental mathematical concepts and critical thinking, and how to analyze and solve problems.We understand the differences in each one’s thinking and learn from the most effective approaches.We stress the importance of clear writing and oral presentation of the solutions.

Why MathEdge?

  1. What is problem solving mathematics?
  2. How to solve them?
  3. What is a system for problem solving?
  4. Example of a system for problem solving.
  5. What are the possible problem solving strategies?
  6. What will students learn from the program?
  7. Examples of showing multiple ways of solving problems.